School marketing is a revolution that is having huge impact on how schools see themselves and how they present their services to the outside world. Twenty years ago words such as customer satisfaction, marketplace and media relations were unspoken in education circles. Today, marketing is a major management function and schools are appointing professionals in the field to manage their image and to work with an arsenal of marketing tools - demographic reports, advertisements, outreach publications, satisfaction surveys and expos are but a few important aspects that are so relevant in today’s schools marketing environment.

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Every school needs a Marketing Plan as a roadmap. One requires marketing inspiration to fuel your imagination and take you to interesting places. Inspiration comes from a mix of creativity, initiative and ideas collected along the way. Kyalami Schools (NPC), incorporating Beaulieu Preparatory School, Kyalami Preparatory School and Beaulieu College are marketed by the Shared Services Centre. Internal and external marketing of the community of schools are done focusing on relationship building with our feeder schools and our direct community from which we draw our pupils. This further extends to our internal customers as well.

An important aspect of marketing is that everybody realises they have a role to play in school promotion and community relations.

Market-oriented schools are responding to the changing expectations of their customers by using modern communication technologies, effective market research and distinctive brand differentiation.

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Marketing is an evolving profession that responds to changing community demands and shifting social values.  This stands true to every school.  The most valuable marketing tool Kyalami Schools (NPC) has is its name.  With three formiddable schools, each with its own brand identity, assists in building a dynamic Kyalami Schools (NPC) brand. 


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