Grade 0 is our reception year at Kyalami Prep. During this year pupils are introduced into formal school life in a warm, caring environment. There are two Grade 0 classes set in an area that is slightly separate from the rest of the Kyalami Preparatory classrooms. This gives the Grade 0 pupils their own environment and playground that is specifically designed for their needs and stages of their development. The natural exuberance of children of this age makes our Grade 0 block a particularly delightful section of our school to visit.

The Grade 0 curriculum focuses on pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills, and the physical, creative, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of each child are nurtured and developed within the Grade 0 programme.
An important part of the Grade 0 Pre-Literacy programme is introducing the pupils to Letterland and Jolly Phonics. Both these programmes have been used with success in teaching children to read, write and spell.

There is a great emphasis on developing the children's visual and auditory perceptual skills during the Grade 0 year. These skills form a vital foundation for the children in their more formal schooling which starts in Grade One.
Our Grade 0 pupils do attend lessons with specialist teachers in the following learning areas: Computers, Art, Physical Education, Music and they go to the Media Centre to change their library books on a weekly basis.

Our Grade 0 pupils join the rest of the school for assemblies, inter-house sports functions and they do come down to the 'big school' playground for break approximately once a week, with supervision from teachers. These activities are all an important part of slowly integrating them into the bigger school community in preparation for their Grade One year. There is a big emphasis on play. This takes place during outdoor time, which is for at least an hour every day, and during fantasy play and free time within the classroom itself.

Grade One to Three

We have two classes of each Grade from Grades One to Three, with approximately 24 learners per class. There is an emphasis on our pupils being nurtured and guided to reach their full social, emotional and academic potentials, under the expertise of our very passionate, child centred teaching staff. Each grade covers two themes per term, covering a range of subjects that are of interest to both boys and girls, and which encourage them to develop across the range of multiple intelligences.

Pupils attend specialist lessons in the following learning areas: Art, Design and Technology, Physical Education, Computers and Music. They also visit the Media and Edu-tech centres once a week. Every day pupils from Grades One and Two are involved in our Integrated Day Programme which runs from 13.00 to 13.30. This programme is sporting in nature, except on Wednesdays when children participate in a cultural activity. As part of the Integrated day, pupils also participate in mini- cricket, soccer, netball and t-ball matches. These matches are run on a rotation basis and the emphasis is on fun and participation. Pupils from Grade Three are part of the under 9 sporting events and their practices and matches form part of the Senior sports timetable.



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