Kyalami Prep Newsletter - July 2018

Kyalami Prep 12 July 2018 Newsletter

Everybody Has their Own Clock

have had the privilege of teaching the Grade Sevens Life Orientation this year. We have explored topics such as time management, planning and goal setting, however we have really enjoyed ‘unpacking’ the concepts of ‘Growth Mind Set’ and ‘Grit’ this term. The Grade Sevens have had to do research on both concepts, discuss in groups and then make the knowledge their own and apply it to their lives.

During these discussions we have looked at what exactly these concepts are and which factors affect them; why some people display them more than others and others not at all.

One of these factors is the fact that ‘We all have our own Clock’. Essentially this means that each of us develop and grow at our own particular pace. There is no timetable for how one’s life should unfold. It is okay for one person not to grasp an idea at the same time as a peer. This does not mean that the student who does not grasp the concept will not grasp it; they have just not got it, yet’. Some people may not attend tertiary education immediately after school, however this does not mean they will not qualify with a tertiary certificate later in life. Each person is unique and should be striving to be the best they can be, at that time. How many adults enjoyed their first job and are still in the profession years later? How many adults were in a job that made a lot of money but disliked it intensely?

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KPNS Newsletter - 6 July 2018

KPNS Newsletter - 6 July 2018

Welcome back after midterm break.

I trust that you enjoyed your break from routine and got a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning! We only have a few weeks left of the term before having a whole month off!

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