Senior Primary Phase Overview


True to Kyalami Preparatory’s motto of Spread your Wings’, we strive at all times to encourage our pupils to reach their full potential in what we believe is a relevant education programme in global terms. It is our aim to ensure that our pupils have a positive work ethic and skills that will equip them for life in an ever-changing world.  It is our aim to develop young people who are confident, independent and responsible.  We hope to encourage a curiosity in our pupils for the world around them and a passion for life-long learning. 

In the Senior Preparatory Phase, we offer a dynamic academic programme under the framework of the CAPS Curriculum.  As our pupils enter this Phase in Grade Four they encounter a more formalised educational environment; although they are taught by their homeroom teachers in a number of learning areas, they are taught other key subjects by specialist teachers (e.g. Afrikaans and isiZulu).

In Grades 5 – 7 we are in the privileged position of being able to split our two homeroom classes into three streams for English and Mathematics, thus allowing more contact time between the teachers and pupils and more individualised attention in these core areas.  In these Grades our pupils are taught by a number of subject specialists.

We offer a holistic programme which includes a variety of subjects:  English, Afrikaans, and isiZulu (We expose our pupils to two additional languages viz. Afrikaans and isiZulu from the Junior Primary Phase up until the end of Grade Six.  Children are required to make a choice between these two languages at the start of their Grade Seven year. This is in order to increase their contact time in their chosen language in preparation for additional language demands in High School). 

Other subjects on offer include Mathematics, Natural Sciences (both Physical Science and Biology are covered), Social Sciences (History and Geography), Life Skills (Life Orientation in Grade 7), Physical Education, Design & Technology, ICT (Information, Communication  Technology). Our Arts and Culture learning programme is used to develop our pupils’ inner, creative self through the Visual Arts and music. Pupils are exposed to various genres in both these programmes (pupils may attend private lessons in a variety of instruments in the afternoons).The Grade Seven pupils participate in an Economical Management Science learning programme. This programme aims to expose our pupils to fundamental economic principles and gives them an opportunity to apply these principles in an annual Market Day We extend the classroom beyond the walls of our property and our pupils are taken on excursions, theatre visits, and tours. Where possible we invite guest speakers into our lessons. 

At K.P.S. we recognise the need for our pupils to develop computer skills and these are taught during ICT lessons and integrated across all of the subjects on offer; thus keeping up with the latest trends in education. We have a bank of IPads which are used by the Grade 4 and 5 pupils, whilst our Grade 6 & 7 pupils have their own IPads and these are used in all lessons.  We recognise the value of technology in enhancing our teaching and reaching the “screen generation”. 

We encourage our pupils to develop creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, research and study skills.  To this end we have embraced the Thinking Schools Approach to developing these skills, we at K.P.S. have elected to adopt the TASC method and apply across all phases of our school.  We also use this approach to teach our pupils values that will equip them for life.

We strive to achieve academic excellence and monitor our progress by writing National and International Benchmarking Assessments.   

We also have a special needs centre and children who require additional support either academically or emotionally are catered for.

Our teachers take a personal interest in each child, our small classes ensure that children receive personal attention. They regularly attend conferences, workshops, and courses in order to keep up with the latest educational developments.

We are a happy school, committed to positive, educational experiences in the interests of productive, educational rigor. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.


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