Message from the newly appointed CEO,David Jacobson

Let me start off by stating how excited and motivated I am to be joining this wonderful group of schools comprised of  the committed team of academic and support staff, special  pupils and parents that make it all up.

I step into very capable and experienced shoes in the form of the acting CEO, Safeea Rahiman. The short time spent with Safeea prior to her departure exposed me to her eloquent and professional demeanor and her deep insight into the world of academics and Kyalami Schools’ specific issues. Safeea achieved a great deal in a short space of time and behalf of all involved in the group I thank her deeply for the devoted time, effort and contribution she has made to both the schools and to me personally.

As a chartered accountant with experience primarily in the field of  retail my learning curve will no doubt be steep in the upcoming months. My experience to date though brings with it some very important principles that would apply in any commercial field, be it the field of education or any other field.

The world of education has changed dramatically since the days I went through my schooling career and the pressure our pupils, teachers and parents are under today are very different to the pressures we experienced in  our days.

The nature of  the competitive environment post school and post university is entirely different to what it was historically. My experience in the commercial space ordinarily exposed me to many  job seekers both of a professional and non-professional nature. CV’s sporting six and even more distinctions became more and more common, achievements outside the scope of school were not uncommon either and in a nutshell the quality of post university candidate got stronger and stronger as the years rolled by.

The demands of  the Kyalami Schools Group in rearing and developing tomorrow's global achievers is not something that we can take lightly and will present a constant benchmark challenge to both me and my team of Heads and teachers, so as ensure that we are indeed producing the best talent, equipped beyond the norm to face the ever increasing competitive workplace challenges that lie ahead.

I view this opportunity to head this proud Kyalami Schools group of schools, Heads and  staff as a real privilege and  pledge to all stakeholders, teachers, staff, parents and pupils that I will give of my very best to constantly bridge the gap between good and great ensuring that we deliver an educational experience that equips our pupils with the confidence and ability to indeed become the global achievers that we strive to develop.

In closing I plan to spend as much time as possible on our school campuses and plan to attend, in addition, as many of the school functions as time permits. I hope to meet as many of the parents as I possibly can and extend an open invitation to you all.

David Jacobson - CEO


Our Schools:

Beaulieu College
Kyalami Preparatory
Beaulieu Preparatory

Umalusi Accreditation
  • Beaulieu College:
    17 SCH01 003 02
  • Beaulieu Preparatory:
    17 SCH01 003 03
  • Kyalami Preparatory:
    17 SCH01 003 06


Thinking Schools South Africa

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A member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA), Independent Examination Board (IEB),
Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association (SAHISA). Accredited by Umalusi

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