Mr David Hala

Headmaster Kyalami Preparatory School

Born in Blenheim, New Zealand, David emmigrated to South Africa where he attended St John’s College. David is married to Michele, a teacher and has two Children, Ashleigh 26 and Matthew 23.

An avid sportsman, he took a keen interest in competing in biathlons and triathlons in which he received his provincial colours – the highlight being his selection to a South African invitational team.

David attended the University of the Witwatersrand where he completed his B Ed degree. After graduating from University David joined Pridwin Preparatory School where he taught Grade 4 - 6 mathematics and science classes.

David took a 15- year break from teaching and joined the glass manufacturing industry. Following his stint in the business world David returned to teaching at St Peter’s Prep School where he initiated programmes for helping children to develop coping strategies for dealing with the day- to day challenges in their lives.
As Deputy Head and Director of Pastoral Care at St Peter’s, David had a passion for introducing new ideas on conflict resolution and reducing bullying in the school environment. David has been instrumental in setting up two Pastoral Conferences and has been on numerous overseas visitorships to keep up with global developments.

For the past three years David has been involved in introducing a whole school approach to building character, using a values based programme to assist children with making the right choices. This is based on the fact that it is the right thing to do and not because someone else is watching. David believes that children should be encouraged to understand how their actions affect others and to listen to, and respect the opinions of others. Taking responsibility for their actions is an important part of the learning process and becoming respectable citizens.

Preparing our children for a rapidly changing world by focusing on 21st Century skills including collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking will ensure that our children are ready and well adapted for High School.

Children can be taught to believe that they are the masters of their destiny and that with a bit of kindness and understanding they can make this world a better place. Most importantly children should leave preparatory school with a feeling of hope and understanding that with effort, practice, perseverance and grit, anything is possible. A growth mindset forms an important part of David’s philosophy.