Newly appointed CEO, Mr Gary Botha

Kyalami Group of Schools (Comprising of Beaulieu Preparatory and Nursery School, Kyalami Preparatory and Nursery School and Beaulieu College)

Being a part of a school, and now a Group of schools is a privilege and an inspiration. Apart from the energy, enthusiasm and commitment shown by our staff, as educators, we get to be a part of the lives of so many families, intimately. It is a treasure to watch children grow and develop into young people, and then to track their journeys into adulthood.

We are educating children for a world that we cannot yet envision, and key to the success of this is our commitment to raising well-rounded individuals who are capable of taking on the challenges that tomorrow will bring. Inkunzi isematholeni, the bull is among the calves, and tomorrow’s leaders will come from today’s children, best we prepare them well.

I was speaking to a friend who had his children at Beaulieu College. He remarked to me that in their first years at university, he was more thankful than ever for the preparation that his child had received. More than the solid education grounding provided by our college, he felt that his child displayed a real sense of EQ and maturity that belied their age. I am always happy to share the credit for a well turned out child with their parents, but it did get me thinking. What is it, that makes us the special Group that we are?

Education is not the same wherever you go. It is not a teach by numbers game (or it shouldn’t be), and each and every school has their own uniqueness. Even within our small Group of Schools, our campuses have an inimitable feel to them. What we do share, however, is our belief in the importance of instilling and living our values. Even with our differences, I believe that it is our core values of integrity, consistency, accountability, respect and excellence that set us apart. Our Group of Schools understands the importance of these principles in creating responsible citizens of the future.

Education for our Group is about:

  • Maximising each child’s potential
  • Making our subject matter relevant to the real world
  • Adopting and encouraging a holistic approach to the development of each child
  • Fostering creative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Creating global awareness

We have continued to foster a real appetite for teaching and learning at our Schools. While the approach differs dramatically from educational phase to phase, the spirit and love of education remain the same. At our Nursery Schools, learning is fostered through play and exploration. I like to think that the learn-though-exploration and engagement with the world approach continues all the way to Grade 12.

Through the use of various initiatives, such as project-based learning, coding and programming, our focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, without compromising on our commitment to the humanities, we continue to produce both fantastic academic results and fantastic young adults. Our academic record is consistently excellent. More than this, however, is the commitment of our teams to get our pupils through school with significantly better results than they themselves had expected.

Our cultural and sports programs allow our pupils to gain exposure in a full array of activities, underpinned by an ethos of achievement. It is this ethos that has seen representation at the highest level (both provincial and national) in various pursuits.

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu (A person is a person because of people). We are the people that we are and the Schools that we are, because of the people that we serve. Our Schools remain close to capacity, and this for me is the biggest compliment that we could receive for the work that we do from our community. The educational landscape has become very competitive in the last decade, but I believe that our product continues to set us apart and make us Schools of choice.

Gary Botha (CEO)