Dear Kyalami Schools Community

Thank you to the parents who filled out the Return to School for Pupils survey that was sent out last week. The document certainly has aided us in our planning. In this letter, I will discuss the results of the survey in broad terms and outline the plan that we will follow from the 1st of June 2020.

We are about to enter a very unusual and difficult time while we navigate half-open schools and simultaneously cater to those pupils and staff who are unable to return to school, for whatever reason. We are committed to following the Government guidelines with regards to preventing the spread of COVID-19,
keeping the safety of our pupils and our staff as our top priority. We will act responsibly in our return to campus life, cognizant that for many in our community, we are a necessary element in their ability to return to work.

pdfRead the full letter - Reopening of Kyalami Schools, 1 June 2020